Nataly + Jack: A Pomplamoose Wedding - Sublime Wedding Films | Wedding Videography

I’ve been a fan of Pomplamoose since discovering their YouTube channel way back in 2009. During their 2014 tour, my wife and I caught their show at the Mercy Ballroom in Nashville, TN. After the show, we stood in the long line to meet Nataly & Jack and take a selfie with them. It was fun to tell them about our then 9-month-old son, whose nightly bedtime routine included watching their music video for “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”

When I learned they were engaged to be married in early 2016, I contacted them via social media and email. I introduced myself, included one of the selfies we’d taken with them at their Nashville concert, and offered to shoot their wedding for free. It was a long shot, and I honestly didn’t know if I would hear back from them. Nataly called me within the hour. I was floored.

Nataly was so incredibly nice on the phone. She let us know that it was perfect timing, as she had been looking for a wedding videographer but couldn’t find one that they loved. I was so honored to hear that they watched several of our wedding films and loved what they saw.

Let me just say that Nataly & Jack are two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. It was very amazing to see that they both really are the genuinely nice people they appear to be in all their videos. When I returned, a friend of mine and follower of Pomplamoose asked me that very question: “Are they really as nice as they seem?” And my reply was an honest and resounding, “YES!” Furthermore, they surround yourselves with equally amazing personalities. Everyone I met at the wedding was so nice and genuine, and believe me… I see all kinds of personalities when shooting weddings.