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Olde Stone Wedding Film • Sarah + Justin

Sarah & Justin had the most beautiful wedding at The Club at Olde Stone in Bowling Green. We got to explore a bit of the golf course on their wedding day, and we got some really nice images of this wonderful couple along the way.

Congrats Sarah & Justin Pemberton!!!

W. Venue: The Club at Olde Stone
Photographer: Josh Salley, Frozen in Time Photography
Videography: Sublime Wedding Films
DJ: Brady Chaney
Wedding Cake: Sugarbakers
Coordinator: Tootie Finkbone
Draping: Nashville Event Draping
Florist: Flowers by Shirley

Traditional Argentine Tango Video

Continuing coverage of Laila & Andrew’s Cancun Destination Wedding. (You can see their full wedding film here: Cancun Destination Wedding Film).

I remember the first time I spoke with Laila on the phone. She was so excited and bubbly – a ball of energy. It was contagious. She made me excited about her wedding in a way that no bride before her had. I couldn’t wait to meet them and make their magical wedding film come to life. There was talk of a beach wedding, an underwater trash the dress session, cake-cutting dances, fire dancers and… a traditional Argentine tango.

Laila & Andrew practiced this tango for over six months while in a long-distance relationship. I’m not exactly sure how they accomplished this, but then… they are an amazing couple that are always doing extraordinary things. We’re Facebook friends these days, and I can’t keep up with how fast-paced they are. There is always something exciting going on in their lives. I think they are just such positive and energized people, they can’t sit still. I love it.

We met with Laila and Andrew the night before their wedding to watch their final rehearsal of this dance. We wanted to ensure we had the best camera angles for all the intricate dance moves. There’s lots of Glidecam shots here, matched with a Canon 5D Mark III. Just beautiful footage.

It was fun to see them in their element – especially Laila. She is a seasoned dancer, and it shows. In our last article, we covered Laila’s underwater poses for her Trash the Dress video. She was amazing there, and she’s amazing here in this dance.

Laila & Andrew’s Traditional Argentine Tango Video:

Underwater Trash the Dress Video, Dos Ojos Cenote

With a little downtime before next wedding season starts, I thought I’d dedicate a few posts to our wonderful experience with Laila & Andrew Hermann. They were married June 2015 in Cancun. (You can see their full wedding film here: Cancun Destination Wedding Film).

At some point in our early conversations, Laila mentioned the possibility of doing an underwater trash the dress shoot at a Mexican cenote. That immediately got my blood pumping. Not only were we going to be shooting a destination wedding film in Cancun, but we may also get to do some exotic underwater videography… I was beyond excited. I hadn’t done any underwater filming before this trip. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about it.

So, we started researching and eventually bought an underwater housing for one of our Canon 5D Mark IIIs. There was a possibility of using our GoPro, but honestly, it seemed like too much of a risk for a once in a lifetime opportunity. What if there wasn’t enough light underwater. The GoPro really suffers in low light. We knew we could push the ISO on our 5D Mark III and really get great video no matter the light situation. And I’m so glad we went that route. It definitely made all the difference, as we were really pushing the boundaries of the 5D Mark III’s low light capabilities.

The video we captured was beyond amazing. Laila is a dancer, so she was doing these immaculate poses underwater. She was so graceful in her movements. It all came very natural to her. She’s completely in her element. Laila & Andrew were so much fun to work with – they were up for anything we wanted to try.

This is the extended cut of Laila & Andrew’s Underwater Trash the Dress Video:

WBKO Midday Live features Sublime Wedding Films

WBKO‘s Midday Live program produced a segment on The Club at Olde Stone this Tuesday, featuring lots of video from Sublime Wedding Films. We love it! Watch the video right here, and definitely check out Olde Stone. It’s one of our favorite venues in Bowling Green.

Trascript of the video:

Laura Rogers:
Your wedding is one of the most significant events that you will plan in your lifetime. It is truly a celebration of your new life together as husband and wife. The Club at Olde Stone… a beautiful place to host your wedding. Cayla Rios has invited us here today… such a classy and elegant venue.

Cayla Rios:
Yes, that is definitely the vibe that we want to give off. We are very classy – very elegant, and we want to make sure that your big day is very classy and very elegant.

And enjoyable! You want the bride and groom and their family and their friends to enjoy the experience and not be stressed.

Exactly. We all know how stressful it is to have a wedding… especially when you’re planning it on your own, and lots of brides are doing that now. So here at Olde Stone, we want to take that stress out of your big day. We do everything behind the scenes for you. Cleanup, setup, linens, tables… we do all of that stuff for you.

We just want you to enjoy your big day. We want your family to enjoy your big day. All of your friends. Your coordinators. We just want you to have a great day.

Right. A lot of those tasks are more drudgery. You don’t need to worry about setting up the tables on your wedding day.

Yes… or having your friends serve food. Or your mom and dad staying late to clean up. We want to do that for you because we want it to be special for you.

Now, you mentioned food, and one of the more fun parts of your wedding – customizing your menu.

Yes. We offer custom menu design with our wonderful chef – Chef Matt Felix. He can create anything you want. If your mom made some homemade lasagna that you love, he can do it. I mean, he can do whatever you want. He has gone above and beyond for all of our weddings.

You want that menu, as with all the details of your wedding, to reflect your personality as a couple. You have a couple of different packages that brides and grooms can choose from.

Yes. All of our packages are all-inclusive. Like I said, we take care of everything for you – cleanup, setup, tables, linens. You just bring in your decorations. You get the venue for the entire weekend. Most venues – they rent by the hour. They rent by the day. We give it to you for the whole weekend because we know how big of a day this is. So we want you to have Friday to decorate, rehearse – do all that fun stuff. You can host your rehearsal dinner here. You can have all that fun stuff Friday. Saturday, the big long day, you can get here as early as 6AM to start getting ready, and then you can leave at midnight. You’re here all day. Then come back Sunday to clean up. It’s yours all weekend.

That’s great because we refer to it as a “wedding day,” but it is a wedding weekend. It really is.

A wedding week, almost.

Yes, it is. A lot of festivities leading up to that big day. So, how far in advance do you suggest that people reach out to you if they’re interested in booking their wedding here?

We can book weddings up to two years in advance. I always tell brides to get in as early as possible – especially those fall dates. That’s a really popular time to have a wedding now – September, October. Get in, I would say, at least a year [in advance].

And those are the pleasant times of the year if you want to have an outdoor wedding. That’s something else that you can have here. Beautiful views here at The Club at Olde Stone.

Yes. We have multiple locations that you can do your outdoor ceremonies – our back lawn, our front lawn, overlooking our pond. We’ve even had wedding on our putting green. So, we can do it all for you.

Yeah! If you’re a big golfing fan, that would work just right, wouldn’t it.

And we do offer, for your wedding party, discounted golf rates. So, get your grooms in there. We do offer that.

Yeah. That’s a very nice way for them to spend that day before the wedding, having some quality fun together.

Just relax. Have fun. We also have cottages that you and your girls can stay in the night before – get ready, wake up the next day – just have a whole weekend at Olde Stone.

I know it’s a beautiful venue. A lot of people are getting engaged right now. We just had Christmas and New Years… and now Valentine’s Day. And a lot of people are thinking about where they want to host their wedding.

Right. And Olde Stone is the perfect spot for you if you are wanting that classy, elegant, timeless wedding. You get access to the grounds for photos, engagement photos – it’s absolutely beautiful anytime of year.

It is. We can see that. Now tell us how to reach you if someone’s interested in booking a consultation.

All of my contact information is online at My direct line is 270-745-1752.

Thank you so much for hosting us today.

Thank you. Awesome!

Copper & Kings, Louisville Wedding

We just wrapped up an exquisite wedding. Lauren & Scott were married in September at Copper & Kings Brandy Company in Louisville, KY. Passionate self-written vows, a vinyl-playing DJ, a rooftop cocktail hour with a view of the Louisville skyline, and it all goes down at a local distillery – everything you need for a good time! We had sooo much fun at this wedding celebration.

Congrats Lauren & Scott Justice!!!

W. Venue: Copper & Kings Brandy Company, Louisville KY
Photographer: Adam Padgett, Lexington KY
Caterer: MozzaPi, Louisville KY
Florist: Christy O’Connell/Pure Pollen Flowers, Kentucky
DJ: Matt Anthony, Louisville, KY
Dress: Hayley Paige
Coordinator: Kelly Hill/My Kentucky Planner, Louisville KY